LatestDot – Free website hosting

LatestDot was founded in 2006 a and relaunched as LatestDot in 2007, but for a decade we have fought to keep funding the project.

Without luck we ran out of money on 2018 and needed to shutdown our services. We wish we could restart and build it again, but these solutions need funding and with an average of about 35 new users each day we had high traffic.

In average a year we had about 11.000 new websites created and in it’s life time we have had around 350.000 websites created, and even some with so high traffic that we need them to move somewhere else.

If you would like to start a free hosting site and want input on what to look out for and maybe buy the latestdot name, then you can contact me at marc (at) wiese (dot) xyz